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The game of the ball has evolved, so we created Loxus with which you can play as the true Mayan gods, so that you deliver to the maximum in each battle within the field.

The Official Ball of Liga MX, has a differentiated section of 20 panels whose greater dynamism gives maximum performance to the ball in any surface or climate, in addition to 4 internal layers of POLYCELL that cushion the force of the strike with a special sealing treatment that minimizes absorption. It has a butyl chamber for better air retention and an external engraving based on circles that have an individual engraving in the form of diamonds inside, which distribute the force of the impact and withstand frictional wear.


  • Model: Official Matchball Loxus
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: No.5
  • Dimensions: 22.12 cm X 22.12 cm X 22.12 cm
  • Weight: 445 grams
  • Material: Textured PU 1.6 mm, 4 layers of polyester and butyl chamber
  • Color: White and blue

Technical Detall

New ball design with differentiated panelsCover material with intelligent engraving
Damping the force in the impactDistribution of the flow of energy
Designed to be used in professionals, semiprofessionals and amateurs soccer leagues - Maximum performance in professionals trainingOptimal for grass (recommended field surfaces)
Optimal for turf (recommended field surfaces)Resistance level 4 - Maximum performance in recommended conditions