2018-09-19 22:59

The 2019 Chinese Basketball World Cup is at stake

The Mexican Basketball team fell again, this time against Uruguay 63 to 61, on Monday September 17. The Uruguayan squad opened the board 2 to 0, minutes later, the Mexican team began to dominate the match, where even in the second period they reached an advantage of 15 points, and the Uruguayans pressed until minutes before the end, they managed to place 57 to 56, after Esteban Batista's basket. The last two minutes were cardiac and even when the achievement was close to the Mexicans, the victory got out of hand. The match was at odds with the typical essence of the Charrúas and a decisive factor were the offensive rebounds of those at home, with 20, while the so-called "12 Warriors" accumulated eight. With these results, Mexico would be momentarily eliminated from the Men's Basketball World Cup in China, 2019.